We learned early on, if we wanted to help children succeed in the classroom, their parents need to be engaged in every step of the journey. We introduced the I PROMISE Too program to offer parents of active I PROMISE students the opportunity to earn their high school GEDs and recommit to their educations. Through this program, learning is a shared experience. And our proud parents are showing their students the importance of education and the value of perseverance in pursuing a better future for themselves and their families.

The I PROMISE Too program for parents provides on-site classes at the I PROMISE School through Project Learn. As the students learn in their classrooms down the hall, the parents pursue their educational goals beside them. Having free classes on site at IPS eliminates many of the logistical, financial and other challenges our families have faced in pursuit of their education.



Through our deep-rooted partnership with JPMorgan Chase, all I PROMISE Too program graduates have access to the Chase Your Dreams mentorship program that offers hands-on support for their next phase of life. Whether that’s continuing their education or pursuing a career in their field of passion, a Chase mentor is available to walk alongside them as they navigate their next step.