Long before LeBron ever played a game in the NBA, the young kid from Akron made it his mission to somehow give back to the community that did so much for him.


Every day since, LeBron has taken his commitment to creating change to new heights both at home and nationwide, touching countless communities across the country.

"I believe in order for us to ultimately be as great as we can be as a nation that all of us have to go back into our communities and lend our hand. It starts brick by brick. It starts person by person. Family by family. Kid by kid." — LeBron James

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BGCA of the Western Reserve in Akron, OH
BGCA of Cleveland in Cleveland, OH
BGCA of Hartford SW Club in Hartford, CT
BGCA of Malibu in Los Angeles, CA
Meriden Clubhouse BGCA in New York, NY
BGCA of Madison Square in The Bronx, NY
BGCA of Lorain County in Cleveland, OH
BGCA of Long Beach in Los Angeles, CA
BGCA of LA Harbor in Los Angeles, CA
Mosholu Montefiore Club BGCA in New York, NY
BGCA of Chicago in Chicago, IL
BGCA of Cleveland in Cleveland, OH
BGCA of Santa Monica in Los Angeles, CA
BGCA of Miami in Miami, FL
South Queens BGCA in New York, NY
Union League BGCA in Chicago, IL
BGCA of Greenwich in Greenwich, CT
BGCA of West Valley in Los Angeles, CA
Educational Alliance BGCA in New York, NY
Madison Square BGCA in New York, NY
BGCA of Pasadena in Pasadena, CA
BGCA of Ponoma Valley in Ponoma Valley, CA
BGCA of Venice in Venice, CA
Oak Cliff BGCA in Dallas, TX