Hoop World!

When LeBron's WFE kids and their families showed up at Forest Hill CLC for an LJFF launch event, the unassuming surroundings did little to betray the evening's surprise. By all appearances, their school looked unchanged. There were no five hundred foot banners to line the school's brick exterior and no graphics lining the floors. The blank surroundings caused many parents to ask, "Did we come on the wrong night?"

Little did they know that past the heavy velvet curtain that divided the gymnasium from the cafeteria laid a completely unrecognizable room.

"Let's play!!!" With those two words the evening was transformed. No sooner than the phrase was uttered, curtains drew back, speakers roared to life, and robotic light swirled throughout the room to reveal what could only be described as a child's dream. With Little Tikes LeBron James Family Foundation Dream Big hoops of all sizes outlining the perimeter, green and gold decals adorning the court, lights illuminating in every color, and a hazy fog to complete the dream setting, the court was primed for playtime. Forest Hill CLC's gymnasium became Hoop World.

With the words "I PROMISE TO DREAM BIG" serving as their backdrop, LeBron's kids put the Foundation's new hoops to the ultimate test. As part of LeBron's trusted quality control team, the kids were among the first to play on the hoops and practice their jump shots, dunk skills, and sky hooks.

Celebrating the official launch of the Little Tikes LJFF Dream Big Hoops hitting store shelves, the event also featured several other surprises for the WFE kids. Not only did they get a special visit from Little Tikes CEO Isaac Larian, but they got another surprise from another big kid from Akron. After each of our kids proudly signed in on the dream big boards and filled in where they were from, LeBron James proudly walked across the stage and filled in the word "Akron" in the space reserved for him.

After encouraging his kids to continue working hard and to always dream big, LeBron brought in yet another special guest. As he pointed to the projection screen over his right shoulder, a very famous friend of his popped up. Ellen DeGeneres and her crew were so impressed by what the kids in Akron were up to, they wanted to stop by and say hello. To watch the entire surprise unveil on Ellen's popular national daytime TV show, click here.

We want to thank our partners at Little Tikes for helping make it all possible. A special shout out goes to Swensons for feeding our families, and to the entire staff at Forest Hill CLC for being such gracious hosts.

It was a magical night we hope our students will never forget, and one that we hope will serve as the launching pad to some pretty incredible dreams. For LeBron's kids, no dream is too big.