A quiet revolution is coming.
As the world tuned in to one of the flashiest and loudest stages in all of sports this past weekend, LeBron and GMC caught the nation’s attention without barely making a sound. Debuting alongside a bevy of commercials during the big game was the broadcast premier of GMC’s  “Quiet Revolution” commercial featuring LeBron. Airing right before halftime, the spot’s strategic use of silence cut through the noise to drive buzz around the upcoming all electric, zero emissions GMC Hummer EV. For both the Hummer EV and LeBron, when it comes to dominating their industry, their performance speaks for itself. 

Similarly, at the I PROMISE School, the work done day in and day out speaks for itself. The incredible progress and love shown daily doesn’t need a megaphone to be heard. It is seen and felt each day through the family atmosphere being built and improved over time. In this way, both LeBron and the Foundation are proud to be a part of the Quiet Revolution. 

On another revolutionary undertaking, the Foundation and Graduate Hotels continue to move the I PROMISE Village forward, now working with contractors on planning and logistics to create the best possible temporary housing for our I PROMISE families. With last week’s walkthrough, the units are now ready to undergo their full renovations to be ready for the start of year three at IPS.
Throughout February, the students at the I PROMISE School are celebrating Black History Month by incorporating influential quotes into their daily learning. May they continue to draw inspiration and influence from the leaders who paved a path for them, and that they have the courage to create their own.