Belinda Hinton is an educator, but she did not take the traditional route in getting there. After successfully completing law school and practicing for 30+ years, Belinda made the transition from the courtroom to the classroom and now shares her time, treasures, and talents with kids in Akron Public Schools. However, Ms. Hinton has always had a passion for teaching and she sees the field of law as having many educational moments. In addition, her exposure to community focused outreach through her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. has further enhanced her love of educating. Ms. Hinton is the Akron After School Coordinator at Pfeiffer CLC and she has worked as a Wheels for Education (WFE) Tech Camp Instructor the past two years.

Ms. Hinton’s favorite memories of her WFE kids thus far happened while teaching exercises such as PowerPoint or Word during the Pre-Fall Tech Camp. When they understand it and see the finished results, the excitement and sense of accomplishment on their faces is indescribable. Ms. Hinton adores seeing the kids wear their WFE polos and believes that the 330 Ambassador program is a great asset to the WFE program because it adds another layer of presence in the school.

Ms. Hinton shared that the impact of the PROMISE in the schools is awesome because I PROMISE is always in front of the kids. The kids make a PROMISE to themselves, and they have a cheerleader in Mr. LeBron cheering them on. It is clear to the WFE kids that LeBron is making an investment in their shared hometown and in their futures.

Ms. Hinton has a special message to the kids: "Make a commitment to attend school. I understand that it may be difficult but keep your PROMISE and always be respectful of teachers and adults trying to help you. Never give up; always be open to new possibilities because you never know what you might learn. Visualize yourself keeping your PROMISE and you will achieve it!"