He met Mr. LeBron and heard the PROMISE for the first time at the Wheels for Education "Take the Charge" event at East CLC in 2011. A member of the Wheels for Education Class of 2021 and a BGCA LeBron James Clubhouse kid, Jaiden has been with us from the beginning. Jaiden is a "LeBron kid" through and through.

His favorite subject is math, but Jaden has been doing well in all of his subjects this year. His interim grades came in and his family is proud. "All As, Bs and one C+, but he’s working on that," said his sister, Monique, who is a former 330 Ambassador and current LRMR employee and Foundation volunteer.

Outside of the classroom, he is much like Mr. LeBron, torn between two sports. Jaiden plays football, but he loves basketball. Who is his favorite basketball player? "Who do you think?" said his sister with a wide smile, "LeBron."

At Mr. LeBron’s office Jaiden has found a love for volunteering. Whether it is stuffing I PROMISE bands or helping his sister sort through fan mail, Jaiden has been one of our most devout and hardworking young volunteers.

At Resnik CLC, Jaiden has found a friend and a role model in his teacher, Mr. Rocco. Mr. Rocco has made fifth grade challenging and fun for the adventurous and inquisitive Jaiden who is working hard to keep his good grades.

The Foundation and Mr. LeBron are looking forward to the great things Jaiden will accomplish!