Miss Mariah Riley is a member of the first class of WFE kids and she will graduate from high school in 2021! Mariah is a 5th grade student at Portage Path CLC and when asked about the first thing she is going to do after graduation, Mariah excitedly replied, "I am going to college to be a veterinarian!" Not surprising considering how much Miss Mariah loves animals and pets, especially her puppy Gizmo. Another thing that Mariah loves is the snow. She informed us that Mr. LeBron shouted out to his WFE kids during the first snowfall, and since it was snowing here and not in Miami, he asked them to have a bit more fun for him…and boy did she ever! Mariah also loves her brother Xavier who is in 8th grade. Xavier and Mariah spend time together as he walks her home from Akron After School each day. She loves sharing with him how much she enjoys her favorite AAS session of cooking where they get to make fun treats!

Mariah excitedly shared, "I PROMISE means that I will never let Mr. LeBron down and my favorite moment as a WFE kid is when me and my mom went to Miami." Mariah earned the trip to the MVP ceremony in Miami. Mariah said that it was neat to be on stage with Mr. LeBron and it was even cooler when he turned to his left and pointed out his WFE kids and their parents!

Mariah lives out the PROMISE by going to school, earning good grades, listening to teachers, attending Akron After School, doing her homework and dreaming big!