It’s about a month into school and the seasons are beginning to change, but one thing that will never change is that kids love to play outside with their friends! Crocheting and riding bikes with her friends is a favorite of our spotlight Wheels for Ed (WFE) kid, Syrah Stephens-Johnson! Inside the classroom, Miss Syrah loves Science and Math and has a fond place in her heart for addition problems. Syrah is a 3rd grade WFE kid who has already signed up for Akron After School (AAS) and is eager to start in mid-October with her favorites: ballet, hip-hop class and Mad Science! Ms. Lutey and Ms. Phillips are Syrah’s teachers and she loves using the Samsung Tablets at Leggett CLC. After playing outside with her friends, she eats a healthy dinner and snacks on strawberries before diving into homework. Her favorite book to read is, Bonyo Bonyo: The True Story of a Brave Boy from Kenya, which she loves reading with her mom who she considers to be her hero because, "she always makes sure things are okay." The seasons will continue to change but no matter the weather or time of the year, Miss Syrah’s favorite thing about Mr. LeBron is that, "He keeps his PROMISES", and in turn she PROMISES to make good decisions and graduate.