Hey guys!

If you’re getting sad thinking that summer is almost over, remember that the memories we make stay with us forever. Take these next few days to enjoy your time at home, play with your siblings and neighbors, and have fun! That’s part of our PROMISE too, so we can’t forget that.

My wife, Savannah, and I are in Greece making summer memories of our own before the NBA season starts up! It’s important to spend quality time with the people you love. When things get tough, and at some point they will, the people who love us stay by our side. As a matter of fact… the next time you see your mother, father, grandma, or grandpa, give them a big hug and just say, "I love you." You can never say "I love you" or "thank you" enough!

Even though I am in Greece, you guys are still on my mind. Savannah and I were just talking about how incredible our event at The University of Akron was. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

I hope you have a great week. If you are riding your bikes, which I hope you are, PROMISE me you will wear your helmet!

Your friend,
Mr. LeBron