Hey guys!

How are MY Wheels for Ed kids doing? Can you believe the year is almost over? Time is flying by. I remember just eight years ago I was entering the NBA, and just three years ago, we started the Wheels for Ed program! I am proud of how much all of you have grown. From my Class of 2021 to my Class of 2023 (shout out to my Class of 2022 – you know I cannot forget you guys), you have all grown and are going to keep growing because that is what we have to do! We have to get better every day; we can never forget our PROMISE.

I want all of you to take time this week and think about each line of our PROMISE. Which is your favorite and which do you need to improve upon? Just in case you need another copy of the PROMISE, you can download it here (LebronJamesFF-My-Promise.pdf).

As the year closes and I reflect on 2013, I am both humbled by and proud of all of you guys. You motivate me every day.

Your friend,
Mr. LeBron