It wasn't tough to find a proud parent in the Ellet area. While driving around in late November, the Foundation Team spotted a Betty Jane Elementary sticker and an I PROMISE Just Cling It sticker proudly displayed on a vehicle. Douglas Robertson, who is a 3rd grader at Betty Jane CLC, lucked out when he found out it was his Grandma Tammy's car that had been spotted! We met Douglas and his family at the school to deliver their prize and we learned that Douglas is an avid reader who wants to grow up and protect others in the military or as a police officer. His favorite subject is math and he PROMISES to continue to do WELL in school. With Principal Summers standing by, Douglas's homeroom teacher Mr. Dombrosky shared, "Douglas is often my example. He follows procedures, has his belongings away, pencil sharpened, and is getting work done first thing in the morning." Grandma Tammy delightfully shared that being part of the Wheels for Ed family keeps Douglas focused. "We see that LeBron and his Foundation Team really are watching over us. This is the perfect time of the year and we are overjoyed!" Way to live the I PROMISE lifestyle, Douglas and Grandma Tammy!