In January we traveled to Schumacher, in February we traveled to McEbright, in March we traveled to Harris, in April we traveled to Smith, in May we traveled to Forest Hill and in June we traveled to Pfeiffer. While each family was awarded a prize for displaying their "Proud Parent" static cling, the Foundation was the biggest winner. Along our JUST CLING IT! journey we met and interacted with six distinct and wonderful families, each making us proud to call Akron our home. We met a basketball star, an artist, a brother and sister with a passion for sports and learning, a student who mastered the OAAs, a brother who leads by example for his sister, and a brother and sister who proudly represent both of our Wheels for Ed classes.

Six months, six winners, six grateful families and six special memories; the inaugural year of our JUST CLING IT! program was more than just a give-away, it was a life changing experience for everyone involved.

The JUST CLING IT! contest will be back this fall! Stay tuned for details.