LeBron Message

Hey Guys,

How are all of my Wheels for Ed kids doing? Man, I miss you guys!

I hope all of you had an awesome break and holiday with your friends and family. I was on the road here and there but I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my wife Savannah, my boys Bronny and Bryce, and my baby girl, Z. Bronny and Bryce may be older, but Baby Z rules the house!

I always get a little bummed when the Christmas decorations come down. On my way up to practice I was thinking, "Why does all the holiday spirit and fun have to end?" Yes, all the food and treats go away and my boys go back to school, but why can’t we still have fun? Well, we can!

I’m back to work and you’re back to school, but we can still enjoy life and friends and family as we were over the holidays. First and foremost, make sure all of your work is done. And when it is, spend time with your family. Hang out with your friends. Do all of the things that make you happy!

The start of a new year is an exciting time. You amazed all of us in 2016 and we cannot wait to see what you do with this year.

Have an awesome week!

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron