Hey guys!

Mom said school was closed AGAIN! She also told me it is freezing out. You guys have to be careful if you go outside. Just like I make sure I am suited up for my games, I want you guys to PROMISE me that, if you go outside, you will do your best to be as bundled up as possible. I do not want any of my Wheels for Ed kids getting sick!

Do you know what snow days are perfect for? READING! Since I know it is way too cold to be outside playing, these days off are the perfect time for you to read a great book. Like a jump shot is to a basketball player, reading is one of your most essential skills. Whether it is your jump shot or your reading, if you work hard enough, and put in enough time, you can become great at anything.

I hope you guys stay warm and safe! Have a great week at school when it starts up again.

Your friend,
Mr. LeBron