Hey Guys!

I hope you and your friends have been enjoying your summer. We are going to be seeing each other soon, August 10 to be specific!

Do you know where I will be this week? I am going ALL the way over the ocean to China! We are going to have an exciting time, but I will definitely miss our hometown.

Speaking of our hometown, are you excited for tech camp? With the help of Mrs. Desiree and Akron Public Schools, we are going to have our best tech camp ever. You are going to read a story about a boy in Kenya who grew up to be a doctor, and then you’ll meet that doctor (Dr. Bonyo Bonyo) at our I PROMISE Family Reunion. What would "Tech" camp be without some fun new technology? You guys will be the first students to be learning on your school’s new Samsung tablets (they are SUPER cool, you are going to love them). The way you read your books will be different too. With the help of your librarians and Sebco Books, we created an online library just for you. How awesome is that?

Summer was always special for me when I was a boy. I hope you and your friends have a special week.

Your friend,
Mr. LeBron