Hey guys!

Winter break is almost here and so is a whole new year! I heard some of you took a trip on the Polar Express and headed to the North Pole to see Santa. Drinking hot chocolate in my pajamas and singing Christmas songs is something I always looked forward to and still do every year. Although this Christmas we will be in Los Angeles, I will be thinking about you guys and the Christmas fun you had on this magical train ride.

Now, I bet you did not notice, but the big man (AKA Santa) and I are pretty tight! We go WAY back to the days when I was asking for my first basketball hoop. Santa gave me a call after you guys left the North Pole. Can you guess what he told me? He said that you all were on his "Nice" list! That's what I am talking about!!!

Before we hung up, Santa told me he had a message for all of my Wheels for Ed kids. Santa asked for you all to leave him your PROMISE for the upcoming year next to his cookies and milk. Remember, he’s making his list and checking it twice! I can’t wait to hear what he brings all of you in just a few days.

Enjoy the snow, your friends and your family, but also remember to finish those last few days of school strong and focused! Have a great holiday break and don’t forget to leave Santa your PROMISE!

Your Friend,

Mr. LeBron