For the first time ever, Jayden Lane has made the Merit Roll and his mom, Shannon Shippe, attributes it to the Wheels for Education (WFE) program. Shannon shared, "The impact WFE has had in his life in astounding. He has really brought his grades up and is really trying his best all around. This grading period he earned three A’s and three B’s which equaled out to a 3.44 GPA! Also, I don’t have to remind him to wear his I PROMISE band because he never takes it off!" Jayden explained that he sleeps in his I PROMISE band and never takes it off because it reminds him to keep his PROMISE in school and to always do his best. When asked what his response was when he was selected to attend the Heat vs. Cavs basketball game on November 27, he responded, "It was fantastic, I started jumping around!" Before his fellow Resnick peers, WFE parents, APS administrators, and LJFF Foundation Team headed to the game with Mr. Todd who donated the evening’s adventure, Jayden showed his skills and talents at Corner Alley’s bowling lanes. A few matches in, the Foundation Team realized that we could use a bit of coaching and Jayden taught us how to bowl, step-by-step. Just like LeBron was mentored and coached, Jayden coached the LJFF team and yielded a high scoring night for himself with a few spares!

We caught up with Jayden after a busy day in 5th grade at Resnick CLC. He explained that he worked on decimals and multiplication problems and started reading a series of books by Geronimo Stilton, beginning with Fright Night. Now that the fall session of Akron After School has ended, he will spend time after school reading and playing basketball with family and friends. However, Jayden is excited for the spring session of Akron After School to start up in January 2014, because he already misses his classes such as Time Travel where they go back in time and Video Production where they learn how to use a camera and read scripts.

Jayden revealed that Mr. LeBron is his hero. "I love basketball and like the Miami Heat. LeBron does his best on the court, he does good things like living his PROMISE and he cares about us. He cares about us because he wants us to graduate from high school, go to college, stay out of trouble and live a good life." Jayden reflected and shared, "It feels good to be in the WFE program because it’s a privilege and it’s led by LeBron. Being one of Mr. LeBron’s WFE kids encourages me to do my best in everything!"