Hey guys,

Man, I love football! What is your favorite sport? Did you guys know that football was one of my favorite sports growing up? I loved running around and playing with my friends, pretending we were professional football players. Not much has changed, I still love running around in the back yard, but these days I’m throwing the ball with my two boys.

I PROMISE TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. One of the reasons I love sports so much is because they keep your mind and your body active. It is important to me that you, as my leaders, set an example for our younger Wheels for Ed kids and that you show them how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Have fun in gym class and have fun outside, run around, go to the playground, and most importantly, be safe. If you are on the playground and you see younger kids, I want you to play with them and get them moving. Will you PROMISE me that you will do that?

Have a great week.

Your friend.

Mr. LeBron