The Foundation Team got to spend some time at Seiberling CLC and while visiting, we got to interact with an awesome WFE Student: Monique Tucker, a fourth grader who is in the Class of 2022. She had a bright smile on her face as she wore her I PROMISE band. She loves the Art Class in Akron After School because one of her favorite things to do is to learn and paint. She’s quite the artist, as she presented her clay portrait of Mike Wazowski from the Disney movie Monsters, Inc. She said that she loves that movie and Mike Wazowski is her favorite character of all time.

Some other interesting things about Ms. Monique are that she loves to cheerlead and play soccer. She wants to become a cheerleader when she gets older as well as an artist. We asked her if she could say one thing to Mr. LeBron what would it be and she replied, "Mr. LeBron, I’m rooting for you while you go into the Finals and remember to have fun while you play."

So if you ever bump into Ms. Monique Tucker at Seiberling CLC, make sure you say hello and congratulate her on being an awesome WFE student and keeping her PROMISE to Mr. LeBron