Where We're From

Buchtel CLC was abuzz for the first meeting of 2018 for Savannah’s Women of Our Future (WOOF) program. As part of the program’s effort to both educate and inspire, Savannah invited Ryan, the owner of Northeast Ohio’s hit clothing company, Where I’m From, to talk with her girls. Together with their WOOF mentors, the group held a private question and answer session. After a brief period of teenage silence, the group quickly opened up. Ryan artfully navigated a flurry of questions, taking the group through his personal journey. As the meeting went on, the questions became more targeted, a sign that many of the girls had uncovered their own passion.

Savannah’s relationship with Ryan and Where I’m From began when the two struck an exclusive partnership. Savannah would have her own t-shirt line and Where I’m From would donate the proceeds to WOOF. On Tuesday, the partnership came full-circle. To Savannah’s surprise, Ryan ended his session by presenting WOOF a large check with the proceeds from the line. With partners all around them, the WOOF girls and their mentors are poised for an incredible second semester.