As part of their partnership with the Foundation, JPMorgan Chase & Co. committed their best and brightest tech minds to solving tech-related problems for the Foundation through JPMC’s Technology for Social Good. With two years of dedicated service to the Foundation, calling our JPMC tech team a "Force" is a considerable understatement. Through Force For Good, which is the second stage of Technology for Social Good, 34 JPMC employees gave hundreds of hours of their time to create a student tracking app for the I PROMISE Program.

Today, at JPMC’s Columbus headquarters, the Foundation and their Force For Good family unveiled the result of their two-year collaboration, the S.U.P. Tailored specifically to the needs of I PROMISE students and parents, S.U.P. stands for Student Update Portal. Starting in the fall of this year, I PROMISE freshmen will be challenged to self-report to the Foundation on their grades, PROMISE keeping, physical fitness, and community service hours. Colloquially referred to as "Tell us what’s SUP," the app’s main purpose is to keep the Foundation, Akron Public Schools, the student, and the parent up-to-date on the student’s progress toward achieving the I PROMISE Scholarship to The University of Akron.

We send a special Family thank you to all of the Akron Public Schools and JPMC employees who gave their time, talent, and passion to serving our students through Force For Good and the S.U.P.

We are family.