My Leaders!

I heard you guys had a special day at The University of Akron's Homecoming. A little snow, rain, hail and sun didn’t stop you guys from making that stadium look as clean as it could possibly be! I saw pictures of it after it was all done and couldn’t have been more proud of all of you for keeping your PROMISE of cleaning up the stadium. Like I said in my letter a few months ago, "Nothing is Given, Everything is Earned" and keeping your PROMISE to give back to your community is a great thing. Now I heard you guys also got a special treat at the end of the game… those navy sweatshirts are so awesome! I think I need to snag one for myself. Continue to be leaders in the community and to the Wheels for Ed kids, and most importantly…continue working towards finishing school.

I’ll be checking in on all of you to make sure you are continuing to be role models.

Have a great week.

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron