We are family. We are zips.

Earlier this year, thousands gathered at Cedar Point for our I PROMISE Family Reunion. Assembled in front of an unassuming black stage, our families learned that their Wheels for Ed and Akron I PROMISE Network students have full tuition and fees scholarships to The University of Akron. The news was welcomed with raucous applause and tears of joy.

On Wednesday, October 21, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, took to the podium in front of the same audience. Her stage was larger and her venue was different, she was standing at the heart of The University of Akron’s campus in the James A. Rhodes (JAR) Arena. As Mrs. Obama spoke, LeBron and sports reporter Michael Wilbon looked out into the audience,

"My kids weren’t the only ones listening that day," said a proud, wide-eyed LeBron. Sitting proudly in the front rows of the arena on special request from LeBron, his Wheels for Ed and Akron I PROMISE Network students and their parents listened intently, flanked by hundreds of supporters. That afternoon, our families learned that their country believes in them and is counting on their children to make a difference.

After speaking to the audience, LeBron and Mrs. Obama held a private question and answer session with LeBron’s 330 Ambassadors and Akron I PROMISE Network parents. You can watch highlights from the discussion, which was moderated by ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, here(http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=13948063).

Indeed, it appears as though LeBron was correct, the whole world heard The University of Akron and the Foundation’s scholarship announcement.