During this spring’s eight-week session of Akron After School (AAS), the LeBron James Family Foundation team spent afternoons cruising around the city of Akron to visit many of LeBron’s Wheels for Education kids. The journey began at Crouse Community Learning Center (CLC) where the team helped out during snack-time and interacted with all of the children enrolled in AAS. Stories were shared, fabulous photos were taken and the team had the opportunity to read with some of the kids. Case Elementary was the next stop; after enjoying a wonderful hour of physical activity in City Recreation, the team realized they had some competition on their hands. The kids at Case are very athletic and there’s no doubt LeBron would be impressed with their basketball skills!

At Ritzman CLC, the LJFF team had the privilege to pass out name tags to the students during snack – they actually had the opportunity to speak to every child in the room, which definitely had an impact on the team. Forest Hill…it was phenomenal. When the team arrived in the lobby the kids knew that LeBron had sent them and they were very ecstatic to meet each and every one of the LJFF Team. After a long introduction, the team was invited to participate in City Recreation class AGAIN! The LJFF team walked into the gym and immediately felt a connection with the students. It was clear that everyone in that gym was having such a good time playing with hula hoops and basketballs, tossing the football, jumping rope and running around the gym playing sharks! The visit kept the LJFF team busy and there was so much energy in the environment. The awesome visits didn’t stop there… Firestone Park was next up. The team had the opportunity to see some of LeBron’s WFE kids in action during Video Production. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Akron Public Schools sure has some talented actors /actresses. Team LJFF doesn’t shy away from getting in there from leading a game in City Rec to watching the kids act, and the kids and teachers were truly welcoming. Now the journey has come to an end stopping at Lawndale CLC; as soon as the team walked through the café doors, all heads turned and whispers were heard throughout the crowd. The team took charge and grabbed the microphone to introduce themselves. The team could feel the love in the air, so much so that the kids decided to hug LJFF team member Taylor all at once. What an exciting journey the team has been on!

The countdown has begun for the number of days until the fall Akron After School session starts; the LJFF team is already gearing up for its visits around the city of Akron!