Hey guys!

Man…we both have a BIG week ahead of us, don’t we? Wheels for Ed Tech Camp, PROMISE Project, I PROMISE Family Reunion, and a big celebration, and it’s all for us!

This week, my family and I will be helping out at the PROMISE Project home. The PROMISE Project involves ten of your Wheels for Ed peers who have kept their PROMISES. I’m really excited to get my hands dirty.

PROMISES are very important to me. When you work hard and keep your PROMISES, great things will happen. Do you remember our PROMISE? I remember…and I wear my I PROMISE band every time I step out on the court.

I can’t wait to see you guys on Friday!!!!! You and your families are going to share the field with me as my honored guests.

Have a great week and remember our PROMISE!

Your friend,
Mr. LeBron