Welcome Class of 2028!

Our family is growing! On Tuesday, March 27, LeBron and the Foundation welcomed its eighth class of students into the I PROMISE Program. The 120 second graders in the Class of 2028 bring the program total to 1,300 students from second through ninth grade. At capacity, the I PROMISE Program will serve students from first all the way through twelfth grade within Akron Public Schools. What a journey this will be for students as they are served within the I PROMISE School from first through eighth grade and then supported at the high school level through a mighty team of I PROMISE Advisors with the Akron Public Schools academy model. For a very special group of second graders that journey has just begun…

Greeted by an army of amazing volunteers from Foundation partner JPMorgan Chase, an energetic crowd of families filled the Hilton Akron Fairlawn’s ballroom, eager to hear what the I PROMISE School is all about. The families in attendance heard from the Foundation’s leadership team as well as Akron Public Schools experts Keith Liechty and Nicole Hassan, and newly appointed I PROMISE School Principal, Brandi Davis. It was an exciting time as all enjoyed the first of many family meals together and danced to the Foundation’s favorite mix of songs… which as always included a little WE ARE FAMILY! At one point it sounded much like being in The Q at a Cavs game with loud cheering as families responded to learning the school day will run from 9am-5pm and include summer interventions and support. After an hour of in depth conversation about all things I PROMISE School, the orientation concluded with LeBron’s newest class of I PROMISE students and their parents making it official by reciting the PROMISE.

Simultaneously, as preparations were being made for the orientation, the Foundation, its Akron Public Schools partners, and Principal Brandi Davis were hard at work interviewing teachers, counselors, and staff to fill positions at the I PROMISE School. On July 30th, the Class of 2028 will join the Class of 2027 as the first two classes to attend the I PROMISE School.

The Class of 2028 and their families make us proud to say, "We Are Family."