As the end of the day drew near, a basement below King James Way came to life. After spending a vacation day serving our kids and their families at Cedar Point, our Northeast Ohio Chase volunteers were back to work; this time, it was behind the scenes. A group of roughly thirty volunteers arrived to a dark space filled to the low-hung ceiling with white and blue polos and purple hoodies. Undaunted, the group gathered, sorted, and meticulously constructed Promise Packs for each of our more than 1,200 I Promise students.

The Promise Packs are the product of years of collaboration with our Akron Public Schools staffed LeBron Advisory Boards, who showed us that, more than anything else, the essentials are the fundamental building blocks of our students’ education. To start the year, each elementary I Promise student receives two exclusive Foundation branded polos and an I Promise band – both of which have become wildly coveted. Our secondary students, whose range now includes high school, receive a matured version of the elementary pack which contains an exclusive Nike hoodie, specially designed by LeBron himself.

While we arm our students for success, their determination, hard work, and dedication bear the load on their journey to success.