Mentee Parents

The University of Akron (UA) LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education’s (LJFFCOE) I PROMISE Mentor Program began as an experiment. Could we, through our newly minted partnership, deliver impactful mentorship to our I PROMISE middle schoolers through college students? After two short years of implementation and improvemen, the answer is a resounding "Yes."

Through the tireless work of the LJFFCOE and Dr. Brad Maguth, the I PROMISE Mentor program successfully uses UA college students to mentor our I PROMISE students at Litchfield CLC. This semester, Dr. Brad handed the instructor’s torch to mentorship veteran, Jonathan Greer from iCare Mentoring. As professor Greer and his students worked with their Litchfield mentees, Dr. Brad and the LJFFCOE staff propelled the program to its largest step forward. The I PROMISE Mentor course met University standards and is now a general elective course open to the entire UA student population. The expanded mentor pool brings us closer to our goal of one-to-one mentorship for all of our students.

On Tuesday, Professor Greer, his mentors, and the Foundation held a special meet and greet for Mentee parents. Meeting during the typical mentor period, our parents welcomed the opportunity to meet and connect with their child’s mentor.

We extend a special thank you to Dr. Brad, Professor Greer, the mentors, and all UA and Akron Public Schools staff involved in our I PROMISE Mentor program. You make us all proud to say, "We are family."