Hey guys!

How are all of my Wheels for Ed All-Stars doing? It has been a busy few days for my teammates and I. We just got back from a game with our neighbors up North… no, not Detroit… Toronto, Canada. The drive to Toronto from Akron isn’t too far, but we went to Toronto from New York after playing the Knicks. Were you watching the game? No matter where I go I have you guys with me on my wrists and on my heart.

Are you excited for your holiday break? I can’t wait to have my boys home with me, but I have a feeling we’re going to tire Mrs. James out!

With winter break right around the corner, it is double important that you guys are going to school and giving your best effort. Games are won in the fourth quarter, and we have to finish strong.

In this holiday season I could not be any more happy and proud to have you in my life.

Have a great week!

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron