LeBron's Hard Work Club

Each month throughout the school year, LeBron’s Foundation team makes the rounds to every Akron Public School (APS) cluster to connect with, share a meal with, and illicit feedback from its families. These Hometown Hall meetings are an open forum for families to express their needs and share their feelings about the program’s impact on their students. During these valuable sessions, one theme has been consistent across the board: our parents need more support for their children after school.

Turning this feedback into action, the LeBron James Family Foundation helped develop and implement LeBron’s Hard Work Club, which will be available at all APS schools that don’t currently offer after school programs. The Hard Work Club will be an additional resource for students to come for help with all of their work.

Launching in schools this February, the Hard Work Club is another resource LeBron is happy to provide for his kids as they work to earn their life-changing educations.