Hey guys,

What’s up? How’s school been? I know that some of my sixth graders and all of my seventh graders are in middle schools now… do you guys have the changing class thing down? Remember… early is on time, on time is late, and if you’re late, don’t bother showing up! Except, you need to show up regardless. Don’t try and pull the "LeBron told me not to show up" card!!! I’ll be in that main office quicker than quick.

I was thinking about you guys on the ride home from the Q. We had our Wine and Gold scrimmage last night. Over the course of this school year you will have more homework assignments and practice problems than you can count. Luckily, I don’t need you to count them; I need you to give your best effort every single time, regardless of the occasion. Whether I’m at practice or I’m playing for the NBA Championship, I do my best to make sure I leave it all on the court. The worst feeling in the world is looking back on a situation knowing that you could have done more. I don’t ever want you to feel that.

How you prepare for your challenge will directly determine its outcome. Prepare well and you’ll succeed. Don’t prepare at all and you’ll fail; and in the event you do succeed when you haven’t prepared, you won’t be able to replicate that success.

I, along with your parents, your community… we all expect great things from you and most importantly, we believe in you.

Have a great week.

Your friend,