Hey guys!

I just finished writing my message to my Wheels for Ed kids and I need you to help me out… I wrote to them about never giving up.

I need you to PROMISE to be a leader and a role model so my Wheels for Ed kids can see the possible within themselves. This is big… it means that you need to do the right thing when doing the right thing is tough. When you’re too tired to study, I need you to pick up those books. When you’re too tired to take out the trash for your parents, I need you to put on your coat and take the trash out. When all of your classmates are talking out of turn and not paying attention, I need you to set an example for everyone. When you see someone who is down and out, I need you to offer kind words.

A change won’t happen overnight. It takes time, but if we work at this together, we will bring change.

I am counting on you.

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron