Hey guys!

How are my Wheels for Ed all-stars doing?? My Foundation Team told me that you guys wished me good look for my first game back as a Cleveland Cavalier… thanks guys!

I’m writing this to you while I’m on an airplane with my teammates, because tomorrow we play the Portland Trail Blazers. In school, in sports, and in life, we’re going to face moments where we lose or we don’t perform our best. You may get a bad grade on a math test or miss a reading assignment, but the most important thing is that you learn from that and use what you learned to improve for the next test or assignment. It is no different for me. I am ALWAYS looking at what I can do to be a better teammate, father, husband, and friend.

We are in this TOGETHER… through the ups and the downs. We have a PROMISE to one another, "I PROMISE to never give up, no matter what." No matter what…

I am so proud of you guys. Keep up the great work.

Mr. LeBron