LJFF Fact | 93%

"I PROMISE to try my best no matter what." – From the Wheels for Education PROMISE

Does a PROMISE translate to elementary students? What impact does a phone call have, if any? What about a letter? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a statistic is worth a thousand opinions. A family satisfaction survey conducted in Fall 2014 by Akron Public Schools of our Wheels for Education students and their families found that 93% of Wheels for Education students report they feel more motivated to try their best in school.

The first person to see that statistic was LeBron. Meeting in his Akron office, a piece of paper slid across his oak desk. Save for the aforementioned statistic, the page was blank. Picking the paper up, he read the statistic out loud, pausing briefly, "That’s what motivates me," he said through his wide smile, "My kids are doing it."

His kids are doing it, but they’re not doing it alone; they have parachutes. LeBron, his Foundation, and his kids are surrounded and supported by an incredible community of partners, teachers, mentors and role models. Thank you for being on this journey with us. Together we will change the world.