Hey guys!

IT’S SHOWTIME!!! I am so hyped up for you guys to start school and knock it out of the park!

Are you guys getting excited? Are you getting the butterflies? Don’t worry, I still get those before I go out on the court.

There’s no better feeling than waking up every morning with a team and a mission. Your mission is to go to school, to do all of your homework, to listen to your teachers, to ask questions and find answers, to never give up, to always try your best, to be helpful and respectful to others, to live a healthy life by eating right and being active, to make good choices for yourself, to have fun, and ABOVE ALL ELSE, to finish school!

That’s a pretty big mission, and there are going to be times when it gets hard, but I believe in you. Remember, we are all in this together.

I have a mission of my own that I take very seriously. I PROMISE you guys, my kids, that I will do my best to be the best role model I can be, on and off the court.

I am so proud of you guys. Have a great first week of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your friend,
Mr. LeBron