PROMISE keepers

"I was born and raised in Louisiana, similar to this, similar to Akron. But this right here, this school, this community, it’s about to change things for a long time." – Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns

To the world, Jarvis Landry is known as a three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver. To the students at the I PROMISE School, he’s now one of them. Entering the school through a tunnel of excited high fives, Jarvis spent more than an hour with IPS students hearing about their habits of promise, learning more about the school, reciting their daily promise with them, and even playing a little football as students ran routes to catch passes from the Cleveland Browns star.

More than quick cameos, these visits from people across the country and the community have become part of the fabric of IPS. They create once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and up-close interactions that show the students people really do care. They have successful people telling them they believe in them, and it makes them believe, too. And these visitors aren’t just one-time stop-ins. They become part of the family.

With applause and a sea of Cleveland Browns-colored WE ARE FAMILY shirts filling the room, Jarvis ended his inspiring message with a long-term commitment to our kids through a promise of his own:

"I see you guys have your promises around the school… today I want to make a promise to you guys to extend myself in any way I can to be here, as long as I’m in Cleveland and beyond, to help, to come speak, and to create more awareness for what’s going on here and why this should be the start of how the school systems of the world should be. Because we NEED this."

Addressing another critical need of the I PROMISE families, the day continued with a special visit from another LJFF partner, the team from Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons (NEOES), who delivered on their promise to provide free glasses to any IPS student or family member in need. Bringing in thousands of customized frames and lenses, all hand-picked by the students themselves, the NEOES staff personally delivered every pair of glasses to ensure the perfect fit.

Following this incredible day, our I PROMISE students and their families left school with new vision – both literally and figuratively – and their sights set at an all-time high.

Jarvis Landry and his team, as well as the entire staff at the Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons, make us proud to say, "We Are Family."