LeBron Message

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween. My teammates and I definitely did! We dressed up and had a fun family Halloween party.

Now I’m sure you bagged a ton of candy, but remember, "I promise to live a healthy life by eating right and being active." That candy is a special treat. Listen to your parents and teachers when they tell you how much you can have, and when you’ve had enough.

It’s getting colder outside and it’s also getting darker earlier every day. Make sure when you go outside you’re dressed for the weather. You going outside in the cold without a coat is like me showing up for a game without a jersey. That just won’t work.

I also don’t want you staying outside for too long. I want you home the moment, and I mean MOMENT, you’re called inside. Got it? You’re not the only one who would get in trouble for staying outside too long either. When coach calls me to the bench, I have to listen.

I hope you guys have a great week and a ton of fun at Mapleside Farm!

-Mr. LeBron