LeBron Message


Two more games until the Playoffs and your boy is HYPED - I feel like a kid on Christmas! I’m always excited to share this time of the year with my teammates, family, friends, fans, and of course, you guys.

I love the Playoffs because you have to earn your spot. Thirty professional teams start the year and only 16 earn spots in the Playoffs – eight for each conference. It’s a competition and you have to constantly find ways to be better because your opponents are working hard to do the same. Just like your school year, there are ups and downs to the NBA season. The most important thing for both of us is that we surround ourselves with great people and do our best to improve. If we do that, everything will work itself out. We’ve lost back-to-back games, we’ve had losing streaks, but we bounced back.

If you’re ever in a rut, always know that you’re one decision away from turning things around. No matter what comes, we’ll always be here for you. And between my staff and our partners at your school, there isn’t a problem we can’t help you solve.

To focus on the task at hand, I’ll be going dark from social media and technology. I won’t be writing to you guys but I want you to know that you’re ALWAYS on my mind and my heart. I wear these I PROMISE bands so that you’ll never forget that you inspire me.

Be good role models to our younger I PROMISE kids and hold down our city while I’m gone!