Hey guys,

Man, I miss my Wheels for Ed kids! How’s everything going? I’m excited to hear that so many of you have signed up for my Hard Work Club. Knowing that you guys are working hard to keep your PROMISE motivates me. Always remember that while you’re working on math problems or vocabulary, I’m working out or practicing with my teammates. All good things require hard work, and we’re in this together.

Each year, basketball fans, players, and media vote for who they believe are the best players from each conference. I’m fortunate enough to have been chosen to represent the Eastern Conference. I’m fortunate to share this honor with two of my teammates and close friends, Kevin and Kyrie.

Being named an All-Star always makes me think about you guys. You are my All-Stars. It seems like every week I’m hearing that you guys are on the honor roll, tearing it apart in sports, or being good to your siblings and family. That fills me with pride. So, when you see me standing at center court with a star on my chest this weekend in New Orleans, know that I wear that star for you.

I’m a kid from Akron with big dreams, just like you. Keep working hard, listening to your teachers and parents, and doing the right thing and those big dreams will come true.

I love you guys!

Mr. LeBron