LeBron Message

Hey guys,

Ever feel something so deep in the pit of your stomach that you know it’s true? I have that feeling about you guys and 2017. I don’t know what’s ahead, but I have this unshakablefeeling that this is your year.

Now, just because I have this epic feeling in me, doesn’t mean it’s just going to happen. Nothing is given. You have to earn it. It’s important that you start this year off right in school and at home.

2017 is your year of leadership. In less than a year, some of you will be in high school. Your promise to be a role model is more important than ever. All of our kids are looking up to you.

We all start to feel a little down after the holidays but it’s important that you come back from break strong. Just because the tree is packed up and the cookies are gone, doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. First and foremost, make sure your school and house work are finished. Then, you can do the things you love, the things that made you happy over break. Spend time with your family. Hang out with your friends. This is your time to make a mark.

You impressed us all in 2016 and now it’s time to do even better. I know you’ll make us all proud.


#JustAKidFromAkron #StriveForGreatness #WeAreFamily