LeBron Message


What’s up guys? I want to talk to ya’ll about my 330 Ambassadors and how PROUD I am of all of them for continuing to go above and beyond what I ask them to do as role models to you and the younger kids as well as serving as representatives of the foundation across the country. It takes a lot of courage to stand up & be a leader for something you believe in and are passionate about and I hope, very soon, that some of you will be Ambassadors yourselves.

My soon to be 9th and 10th graders I hope you stand with pride during Hometown Hall as you recite your PROMISE, and that you find time to sit and eat with a current Ambassador and talk to them about all they do…you may find that this is something you’re interested in. I believe that ALL of you have this in you and I can’t wait to hear about some of the conversations you have.

We’re on the road for a few more days and we’ll be back home for a little stretch at the end of the week. Have a great week and continue to Strive For Greatness.