2011 was the first year of the Wheels for Education program and it was certainly full of lots of learning experiences for the Foundation as well as our children. As the year went on, the Foundation identified the need to bring in a group of the experts, and through this the LeBron Advisor Board, or LAB for short, was born. The LAB consists of principals, administrators and third grade teachers all with one common goal: to make the Wheels for Education program the best that it can be for these Akron Public Schools kids. The LAB and Foundation team members meet each month to discuss the program and ensure everything is right on track for the upcoming months. The LAB has helped to drive where the Wheels for Education program is headed and they have been able to tell us what is most impactful for our Akron Public Schools kids. LAB members have made experience-based recommendations such as giving the kids uniform shirts instead of backpacks filled with school supplies. They have also made a recommendation to the Foundation to hold open events to which the kids along with their accompanying families can attend. This is one group we’re grateful to be in partnership with and look forward to many more years to come with the LAB.

Special thanks to our LAB members: Sherry Bennington (Principal), Desiree Bolden (Administration), David Brown (Principal), Brandi Davis (Principal), Deborah Horak (Teacher), Karen Moore (Administration), Toni Roberts (Teacher), Mary Outley-Kelly (Administration), Mae Walker (Principal).