The comeback story is a simple narrative. The main character suffers a set-back, and in the moment, a recovery seems highly unlikely. Yet as time marches forward so does the main character, resurging like a phoenix from the ashes. The narrative ends with our main character triumphant.

Often times the comeback falls short for students who have dropped out of high school. Falling behind your peers in reading or math, an incident with a student or teacher, all reasons children have dropped out. Unfortunately, their comeback tale ends as a sad story.

In Syrah, a fourth grade student at Leggett CLC, we find one of the most unlikely comeback heroes. To say Syrah’s deck was stacked against her would be a gross understatement. Syrah has had an extremely difficult time at school. She has been held back in her classes, kicked out of Akron After School, and suspended from school. To everyone, including those closest to her, it appeared as though Syrah’s cause was all but hopeless.

With the love and devotion of her mother, who is raising Syrah as a single-parent, and a new found passion for being active, Syrah has executed a miraculous comeback: November Student of the Month.

As part of the Girls on the Run program at her school, young Syrah has discovered a passion for being active which is bleeding over into other aspects of her life including her school work and her citizenship.

We are so proud of Syrah’s transformation and she is an inspiration to us all. Keep up the great work, Syrah!