Hey guys!

Are some of you done with school for the holiday? If so, how did you guys do?! I know you all closed out the first half of school like I talked about last week cause you're All-Stars! Do any of you have something unique and new to do over the holiday break? Trying new things is part of the PROMISE and I kept my PROMISE a few days ago when I went and saw the Cleveland Orchestra. My good friend and PROMISE Keeper Lang Lang has gotten me into the piano and seeing those amazing performers and artists was an experience I'll never forget! I am excited to hear what new experiences some of you will have this holiday , whether it's building a snowman, ice skating, or roasting marshmellows for the first time, I want to hear them all! Keep me updated everyone and I will talk to you all next week...it will be Christmas!

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron