Proud Parents

At the start of every Hometown Hall meeting, the Foundation recognizes the I Promise program’s most important stakeholders: parents. We ask them to stand and receive a round of applause from the crowd – a collection of fellow parents, students, teachers, and partners. Though small, the gesture is significant as both a symbol of gratitude and a recognition of effort. For nearly seven years, parents have been the driving force of the I Promise Program.

Behind each student in the program is a parent, or set of parents, who has taken a leap of faith. Seven years ago, we promised parents we would see their kids through high school graduation. With time, our program and our aspirations grew. Today, we promise parents that we will help their children change the world. Consequently, each step forward toward a greater end goal widened their leap of faith.

Through each growth and evolution, our parents not only remain steadfast at our side, they push us forward. From serving on the newly formed LeBron Advisory Board: Parent, to leading discussions with incoming third grade parents, to earning their own high school diplomas, our parents answer the call. They are role models to their children and to the Foundation, and thanks to them, the 2017 – 2018 school year is shaping up to be the program’s best year yet.

This year’s program curriculum improves upon many of our great parent-focused initiatives. After rewarding parents with $44,500 in groceries, the Just Cling It program is back for its sixth year. In addition, our I Promise Too program is back for its third year, and with help from our Northeast Ohio Chase neighbors, includes a special Chase Your Dreams two-year mentor program.

From the seasoned veterans to the rookies, all of our parents make us proud to say, "We are family!"