5th Grade Movie Magic

Experiences serve to broaden our horizons; to bring pieces of the far-flung world home with us. Moreover, the right experience can ignite hearts and impart the feeling of magic. On Sunday, LeBron’s fifth grade I Promise students experienced movie magic. Sitting alongside their family and friends, the fifth graders were transported to a quaint estate in rural England, inhabited by a pack of talented rodents. Peter Rabbit and his cast of sidekicks came to life on the silver screen for our Movie Magic Experience Outing.

Could the next big director, writer or talent agent have been in the crowd? LeBron thinks so.

Although today he, Maverick Carter, and their production company, SpringHill Entertainment, are Hollywood hit-makers, they were once just kids from Akron – gazing wide-eyed up at a silver screen. The Foundation’s experience outing program is designed to uncover passions within our kids so that they can one day achieve their dreams.

Read the Akron Beacon Journal’s write-up here.

The next stop on the experience journey is our Anchors for A Day, sixth grade experience at WKYC.

We are family.