Hey guys!

How was the Hometown Hall Meeting this past week? I know my East Cluster Akron I PROMISE Network Leaders were in attendance Wednesday night and won some pretty cool things! Did any of you break down and dance to the music that was playing? How about the food?! Man! Old Carolina gets me every time…it’s so good! I was excited to hear about and see pictures of all of you enjoying the meal because it reminded me of a big pre-Thanksgiving meal. You all are my family and my leaders and it was great seeing you all together. Are you excited for a short week of school?! What are some of your plans for Thanksgiving? You all are being such great role models for the Wheels for Ed kids and showing them how important it is to have perfect attendance, try your best no matter what, and do all of your homework! I can’t wait to find out what some of you guys did during the short school week…and if any of you catch a turkey, I will be impressed!!! Ok everyone, I have to get ready for work. Remember to continue keeping a positive attitude and to be a leader…it’s our PROMISE!

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron