New Gear

LeBron gleefully peered up from his phone and in-progress Instagram video as he slowly sank back into his leather seat. LeBron emphatically tapped his chest, "Wearing this logo is a dream come true."

As the bright lights of Cleveland faded into the distance, the Internet slowly came alive. Moments earlier, LeBron had posted one of his now famed Instagram music videos. Wearing a Foundation sweatshirt and the joyful abandon of a kid, LeBron jammed along to one of his favorite songs. He gave a quick rubber snap on his wrist, "I wear these bands and this gear to represent for my kids. It’s a family, and I’m proud to wear it."

His kids are proud too.

Each year, LeBron and the Foundation reward their I PROMISE students with one-of-a-kind branded apparel. His elementary third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders receive school uniform polos while his secondary sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth graders receive sweatshirts. LeBron and his kids wear the same name across their chests: "The LeBron James Family Foundation." And they represent the same family.

Though school uniform polos were initially given out of necessity, they’ve become a coveted source of beaming pride. They can’t be bought; only earned.

As the Foundation prepares for the new school year, prominent on its list is apparel distribution. Come December, over 1,200 students and one big kid will be proudly representing for their family.

Our students and the legacy they are building makes us proud to say, "We are family."