She is a friend, a mentor, a mother, a wife, a businesswoman and much, much more. Savannah is committed to giving back to the young women in her hometown by helping them have a special prom night. Hosting her second annual PROM PROMISE Event in Akron, Savannah gave brand new dresses, Beats headphones, and I PROM-ISE bands to 50 deserving Akron Public Schools girls.

Savannah's PROM PROMISE Event was about much more than fancy giveaways. Savannah, who brought her Stylist, Alicia, wanted to show the girls that no matter what their situation is, they can be confident and most importantly, feel great. "All of these are under $40," said self described "Sale Ninja" and stylist, Alicia, as she went through her special presentation.

The girls were separated into two groups, allowing each group to have one-on-one time with Alicia as she gave her special presentation, and Savannah as she helped the girls try on dresses.

"I'm so happy I could cry," exclaimed one Buchtel student, to which all of the women quickly replied, "You can't cry because I am going to cry!" Smiles were flashed and poses were struck in front of the "Princess" mirror. It was a truly special day as the girls selected beautiful and brand new prom dresses

As the event concluded, the group was slow to disperse. The girls, Alicia and Savannah traded compliments, fashion tips, and selfies!

Savannah will be holding her second annual PROM PROMISE Event in Miami on April 7.