With her signature bright smile and wide eyes, Mrs. Savannah James addressed the crowd of over 50 Akron teens, "You are beautiful!" The event, which is in its third year of giving prom dresses to deserving teens from the Akron area, felt more like a big party than a formal gathering. As music piped through the lavishly decorated ballroom, Savannah, her stylist Alicia, her special guests, and the girls dove headlong into racks of captivating dresses. Through pinned dresses and binder clipped hair, the girls triumphed through to finding dress perfection.

Always looking to do more for the girls, Savannah added a lauded addition: brand new shoes from DSW. After finding a dress, the girls raced over to the DSW team at the front of the ballroom where they were measured and able to choose from a mélange of fashionable footwear.

With each outfit triumphantly found, the girls shared a moment, often a joyously tearful one, with Savannah. The princess mirror and photo screen were popular destinations as well.

After breaking bread together, the girls heard from Savannah and her stylist, Alicia, who spoke to them about developing their own personal style in accord with their personal confidence.

Savannah’s event was featured by both the Akron Beacon Journal and our partner, WKYC.